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Headline Get a no cost solar quote and find out about government programs in your area that may provide


  • Reduce or possibly eliminate electric bills
  • Lock in rates and protect against surging energy costs
  • Increase your property value, Its an investment!
  • Protect the environment
  • Minimal Maintenance

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Get prequalified in under 5 minutes for a home solar installation. An installation expert will connect you with a qualified installer who will explain the current incentives, plans and money saving options in your area.


We work with local installers to ensure our matching service is at no cost to you. We simply match you to a solar expert who will review your options and make recommendations


Our service is a NO obligation service. There is no fee to you to utilize our matching algorithms. We simply find the right installer for you so you can better understand your options and navigate the solar landscape.


Why Solar?

If you’ve been burned by electric bills, here’s your turn to burn them back. Harness the clean, affordable power of the sun using solar energy and you can lower your expenses while you contribute to a better environment. Here are a few benefits you may want to consider when you are thinking about investing in solar energy.

Reduce or possibly eliminate electric bills

Electricity costs continue to rise however solar powered homes have an advantage. Generating your own power separates you from the limitations and costs of utility companies. The power you generate is yours to use day and night as many systems come equipped with storage solutions for future energy use


Lock in rates and protect against surging energy costs

Your initial equipment investment is typically recovered relatively quickly. There is no additional cost to harness the suns energy so managing your bills without having to depend on a utility company is a breeze to figure out…..$0. You can lease, buy or finance your systems to help pay for the upfront investment. Our knowledgeable installers will explain all of your options.


Increase your property value, Its an investment!

Increasingly, Solar is becoming more mainstream and popular. New home buyers are seeking homes with solar systems installed aware that there will be significant cost savings. New panels are designed to be streamlined and attractive so more and more homebuyers are increasingly impressed. Irts important to have a professional install your panels. You want to make sure crucial calculations, safety considerations and design strategies are utilized for the best results. Expert guidance on home owners association rules, the permitting process and financing is all critical. Solar Team USA will connect you with the to psolar experts in your area to make sure your solar experience is professional and safe.


Protect the environment

Solar energy is considered to be clean energy . It converts sunshine into usable power without generating any harmful byproducts. Start reducing your carbon footprint today by installing a new system with the help of Solar Team USA.


Minimal Maintenance

Solar panels are built to last. The new technology is sturdy and has a relatively low maintenance. The average life of solar panels is currently 25 to 40 years when properly cared for and cleaned regularly and getting better every day. Since there are no moving parts they are quiet, reliable and simple to maintain.

To get the most value from adding solar, it’s important to have a professional install your panels as there are crucial calculations, safety considerations, and design strategies to maximize your benefits. Additional factors could be homeowner association rules, construction permits, and financing. You’ll want expert guidance to make the process easier. Is your home a good candidate for solar? It depends on your geographical location, your existing energy costs, the amount of solar radiation that reaches your area, your use requirements, and other factors. The only way to know how much you can gain by switching is to consult an expert, and you can schedule an appointment by going here (link to form). You’ll be connected with a solar installer in your area who can assess your needs and give you an estimate to help you with your decision.


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